Review Guidelines

We encourage your to leave a review of your experience with a bike fitter, but please take into account the following guidelines:

If you are happy, tell the fitter and other site visitors by leaving a review.  Give a star rating, and share your personal experience.  What did you like, why, and what has been the impact on your riding experience.

If you are unhappy, discuss your dissatisfaction with the fitter and see if there is an opportunity for redress, before leaving a negative review or looking for another fitter.  Further dialogue and interaction can lead to a better outcome.  If not, ask about a full or partial refund.

Every bike fitter wants to see you have a positive fitting and riding experience, but not every bike fitter has the skills and experience to help every cyclist.  As fitters, we learn the most working with cyclists and getting their feedback.  Feedback about the process, experience, adjustments and recommendations made, and what you experience as a result of this.

If you are still not happy after seeing the fitter again, leave a review and be specific in your comments.  Was it attitude, professionalism, customer service, skill level, a mismatch of expectations, disregard for your goals or some other issue?  How did they respond your report of dissatisfaction?  Specific comments helps the fitter re-evaluate their service, and helps other site users assess their options.

To post a review…

Find the details page for the bike fitter listing.

Click on the Review tab.

You can add image files as well if you want to illustrate before/after changes.

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