Help for Site Users (Listers)

Registering and Logging In

There is no cost or obligation to register as a Site User.

When you log in using your email and password, you are redirected to the home page. To review or edit your existing listing you first need to search for it and select it.

Claim a Listing

You may find your business already in this directory. A selection of bike fitters have been added by the site administrator. You can “claim a listing”, register, select your plan and edit your listing information, including adding a logo and images.  Your listing will then show as  an “owner verified listing”.

Adding a Listing

You need to be a registered user on the site.login-screen

Once you have registered you are taken to the ADD LISTING page, and you first need to select a PACKAGE (plan). The default plan is CLUB, which is free.

The package selected will determine which fields are visible for entering/editing your listing information. The Club (free) package includes most of the fields. The Pro (paid) package includes some additional fields, functions and features.

You will be able to review and edit your listing information prior to publishing.

If you change PACKAGE, after you have started entering your listing details, then all listing information is cleared and you will need to re-enter your listing details.

Editing a Listing


To edit a listing, you first need to search for your listing, and then click on it to get to the Listing Details page.

In the information panel on the left, click on EDIT THIS POST.

This will pull up the Author Page where you can add or change information, and review the listing before republishing it.


You will see MY DASHBOARD on the right hand side of your Author

From here you can Add Listing  (click the drop down and select PLACES), search for your Listing (click the drop down and select PLACES), and view payment history under INVOICES.

Logging Out

The only button for logging out is under MY DASHBOARD which is on the Author Page for your listing. See above.