Help for Site Visitors (cyclists)

Find a Fitter is a location based directory service.

Individuals and businesses offering bike fitting may list their services on this site.  A basic listing is free and premium listings require payment.

Searching by Location

All listings will show up under location based searches.

By allowing the site to geo-locate your position, nearby bike fitters will appear in your search, or you can search by city, region (state) or country.  You can also narrow your search to a distance from you by clicking on the NEAR diamond, checking the NEAR ME box and sliding the distance scale.


You can also use the map tool to zoom in on a desired area. Hover over an icon for the name of the lister and click their name for more details.

Searching by Category


All directory listers should offer bike fitting services, but this may not be the only thing they do.  A lister can also be found under related categories (Places) E.g. bike shop, physical therapist, cycling coach.

Customize my Search

The Advanced Search feature will only show results from the paid premium listings. That means you may search for a fitter by name, qualification or technology, but if this doesn’t produce the results you are after it may mean that the relevant businesses / listings are in the directory but do not have a premium listing.

Contact your search list of fitters directly to find out more about their services and pricing.


There is no pre-requisite qualification or screening by Find a Fitter to validate services offered on this site. You are encouraged to leave an honest review on this site for any fitting services you use, as a way to help provide feedback to the bike fitter and to help other cyclists evaluate their options.