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Bicycle Fit is Not a Fixed Set of Measurements

By Stan Purdum You may one day head out for a ride only to discover that the bicycle fit that was ideal for you for years may not be so ideal now. This realization may come on suddenly or gradually, but it’s a fact of cycling life. And aging is not the only reason. Writing […]

Bike fitting terminology

Curious about the meaning of some of the common terms used in bike fitting? Check out the Glossary of Bike Fitting terms on the Fit Kit Systems website here.

Aches and Pains V: Hot / Painful Feet

by Coach John Hughes Today we’ll focus on hot / painful feet. And, as with the other cycling maladies, we’ll devote some time to discussing how you can avoid it. Let’s Start With An Example My buddy Roger got me started riding in California in the ’70s. One of our favorite double centuries was the […]

10 Ways to Tell If Your Bike Fitter is Full of Shit. | tomdemerly

Bike fitting is big business. Having some version of “professional” bike fitting is the new standard for any bike sold above $1000.How do you tell if your bike fitter knows what they’re doing? Are they a credible, trained, experienced fitter Source: 10 Ways to Tell If Your Bike Fitter is Full of Shit. | tomdemerly

Aches and Pains IV: Lower Back Pain / Discomfort

By Coach John Hughes In this series of columns over the past few weeks, I’ve been discussing various aches and pains (other than tired legs!) that we roadies suffer from, what causes them and what you can do to avoid them. Previous columns have covered: cramping; nausea; saddle discomfort / saddle sores; upper back, shoulder, neck pain […]

Aches and Pains III: Why Does My Hand Get Numb, or Hurt?

By Coach John Hughes In the RBR reader survey a few weeks ago, painful or numb hands was the third most frequent problem cited – afflicting 16% of you as your main physical issue on the bike. (While it may not be main issue for most of us, hand pain or, especially, numbness, happens to almost […]