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  • 26 Reviews on “Cycling Solutions”

    • Norman
      1 year ago

      The fitting with Tom has been the best investment by paying for itself with improved efficiency, performance, and riding experience. It is remarkable how matching man with machine can help. I recommend Tom highly for his expertise and attention. If you are experiencing discomfort, sore joints, or imbalanced muscle pain a fitting is your most cost effective project. By the way, I was fitted to a refurbished 30 year old road bike. Now I can ride 25 miles with minor muscle soreness afterwards.

    • Alexa
      2 years ago

      While the bike fit was the main benefit from the time spent with Tom, I really also benefited from his extensive physio knowledge as well. I noticed a better ride immediately and have much less discomfort during and post ride.

    • KR
      2 years ago

      After a few months of training I went to see Tom for a fitting. He was more than helpful with all the issues I had. He evaluated every bit of the bike and my position on it. The end result was a much more comfortable ride. I had a few things I needed tweaked after the initial fitting. He got me back into the shop to go over those issues and work thru them. He is very helpful and is passionate about making your ride better, no matter what it takes.

      1. Gary Anderson 2 years ago

        Tom is a genuine professional with a passion for biking and a commitment to his clients’ best interests. I appreciated his attention to detail and enough explanation of the science to help me understand, but not so much as to leave me lost in the weeds. Those who think a fitting couldn’t make that much difference could be the ones who need Tom’s help the most. He has my confidence and my recommendation.

    • Robert
      2 years ago

      After struggling for months with aches in my legs and numbness in my hands, I finally scheduled an appointment for a bike fit. Although this was my first fitting experience, I thought Tom was extremely knowledgeable, as he gave a detailed explanation behind every action he took. I was also very happy with his interest in my overall biking goals and activities of daily living. That he approached a proper fitting as a combination of physical measurements and values I think contributed to a great fit. It may also be what properly and rightly distinguishes his approach from other fitters.

    • SB
      2 years ago

      I have two bikes. One that I had fitted with Tom, and one that I didn’t. The bike that I had fitted feels like it was made just for me. It is a joy to ride and I can ride it for hours without any discomfort. When I ride the other bike my hands go numb and my back hurts.

    • Martti Putkonen
      2 years ago

      Had not biked since the nineties and when I started again this Spring both back and knees would hurt after 30 miles or so. Turns out bike stayed the same but I have changed. I’m actually two inches shorter and not as flexible, (73 years old now). Instead of minor adjustments with directions for stretching etc. Tom changed and adjusted a bunch of stuff and now bike and I get along just fine. Recommend him highly.

    • Frank
      2 years ago

      Tom was recommended to me by another client. I found him to be a true expert in this field. He took his time, listened and shared his knowledge. His adjustments made all of the difference in my riding comfort and safety. I would highly recommend him – and have!

    • Diane
      2 years ago

      I had struggled with discomfort for months, but after three hours of a fitting with Tom, I feel like I’m on a completely different bike. I’m riding comfortably and finally enjoying time on my bike. Tom is knowledgeable, professional, and thorough. I highly recommend his work!

    • Dan Haryanto
      2 years ago

      Tom Wiseman did very thorough fitting on my Felt road bike to prepare for my first full Ironman (2016 Wisconsin). He took almost 3 hours to do detailed assessment. Very patient and a great guy, best decision I have ever made before a race. Highly recomended!

    • Rachel M
      2 years ago

      I heard about Tom through a colleague who recently had a bike fit done. All I heard were positive raves about his knowledge, advice, and how cool he is. When I decided to start training for my first Ironman, I turned to Tom for a first ever bike fit. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything I needed to know at a level that was easy to understand and remember. He was was quick to respond to my many e-mails and also fit me in for a few follow-up fits. He gave me plenty of training advice and motivation. He even let me borrow his own aerobars to see if I like them. It’s almost been a year since I had the fit and I’ve increased my FTP significantly and really enjoy riding my bike more than ever. He’s a true asset to the cycling community.

    • Nancy Wellener
      2 years ago

      Before I had a fitting with Tom, riding always left me sore and uncomfortable–especially during and after long rides. Now that my bike actually fits me properly, I feel great! Thanks Tom!!

    • Joe Camardo
      2 years ago

      After I bought my new bike last year I took it to Tom Wiseman for a professional fitting. Tom did an excellent job. He took the time to take all of the right measurements and understand my style of riding so he could fit the bike accordingly. No more numbness in the fingers or toes no more neck pain on long rides. Well worth the time and money.

    • Michael Strasser
      2 years ago

      I was really impressed with the thoroughness with which Tom approached the fitting process, taking precise anatomical measurements and applying these to the often minute adjustments he made to various components of my bike. He was obviously passionate about the importance getting things right. He always explained what he was doing and why, and was interested in my feedback about each change along the way. The result was a much-improved riding experience for me. My bike feels much more comfortable and natural than ever before. The time and money I invested in a truly professional fitting were well worth it!

    • Mike
      2 years ago

      To be honest, I was skeptical at first about paying money for a professional bike fit (Just watch YouTube, right?). Wrong. I finally decided to get fitted after buying my first “serious” road bike. This lead me to my next question, “Where to go for the fit?” There are other bike shops and fitters in the area, but for me Tom was the only logical choice. I had dealt with Tom on other occasions during my visits to Century Cycles (tune ups, merchandise purchase, stopping by to get that bike smell during cold winter days, etc.) and he always came across as very knowledgable and receptive. During the bike fit, he was all that and more. After about 90 minutes I knew more about my body (and bike) than ever before. This newfound information has definitely paid off during my time in the saddle – easier miles, less neck pain, and just more overall enjoyment. If you are trying to decide if a bike fit is worth it, then my answer is a definite “yes”. Especially if you make the WISE decision to see Tom!

    • Andrew Mangano
      2 years ago

      I have had 2 or 3 bike fits in the past but the one I had at Century Cycles with Tom was by far the best. Being a Physical Therapist, Tom addressed areas of imbalance and weaknesses that were never even brought up with other fittings. I am now more comfortable and can ride longer/faster then before.

    • Sara Kibler
      2 years ago

      I have been cycling for a long time but and in recent years have been so uncomfortable on my bike that I would dread it when someone asked me to go riding. I would google for ways to improve my geometry on the bike and, honestly, probably made things worse. After just a couple of hours spent with Tom for a fitting I now look forward to riding instead of dreading it. Absolutely worth the time and money!

    • John Reveley
      2 years ago

      I became a bike enthusiast 2 years ago at which time I upped my mileage. I started experiencing a number of cycling injuries and pain. I had a custom fitting done at another shop with limited improvement. After a 3 hour session with Tom, I now ride pretty much pain free. Those 3 hours was the best investment of time and money I ever made. Thanks Tom!!

    • David Towne
      2 years ago

      Tom has fit me on two bikes. Takes time to figure out your style and makes your bike work for you. He does a great fit.

    • Sam Speck
      2 years ago

      I am 6’4″ tall and have a disproportionately short torso for my height. Tom Wiseman did an outstanding job fitting me on my new bicycle. I am a medical professional and I can say that Tom really knows his stuff when it comes to ergonomics and anatomy.

    • Michelle Herter
      2 years ago

      Huge difference in the way my bike feels after a proper fitting! My rides are definitely more enjoyable now! Tom is great at what he does! He is thorough and takes the time to make sure you are one happy cyclist!

    • Kelly
      2 years ago

      I have been a long time customer of Century Cycles and have had annual bike fittings completed by Tom Wiseman. Simply put he ROCKS! Always patient and willing to listen and works with you until you are well fit for your bike. Tom also has been providing Coaching to me as well and my time on the bike has improved significantly!

    • Luke Chronister
      2 years ago

      Tom does a great job or addressing your anatomical limitations and prepares the bike to fit your needs as a rider. I have been very happy with his ability to make modifications in even the smallest details like pedal angle to help with any hot spots that might arise from long days in the saddle. Very personable, knowledgable, and helpful.

    • Rebecca Steiner
      2 years ago

      Seeing Tom Wiseman was THE best decision and $$ I have ever made for my cycling. A proper fit is a game changer, particularly for long ride. I especially appreciate the intimate one on one time and genuine concern and interest Tom provides.

    • Angie Kovacs
      2 years ago

      Tom is fantastic! Definitely knows his stuff. Spends a ton of time with you making sure everything is perfect. I never once felt rushed or as if he was just doing stuff to my bike for the sake of doing it. I even brought it back for a tweak after the initial fitting. The difference the fitting made in my comfort level is immeasurable. I wish I’d gone in sooner, I could have saved myself years of misery.

    • Ken F
      2 years ago

      Tom takes great pride in his work, and his vast experience really shows on his fits. Racers/ casual riders, will benefit – highly recommend Tom- He really takes his time to make sure your satisfied


    • Dennis
      2 years ago

      I was riding for a couple years and getting ready to complete my firt Ironman . Visiting Tom was the best decision I ever made because i never knew how comfortable a bike could be!!!! Any and all of my bikes will forever be fit by him!

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