• Finding Freestyle

    Address: 4813 Forest Hill Ave
    United States
    Hours: by appointment
    Primary Business: Bike Fitting Studio

    Pursuing the perfect bike fit since 1988, I attended the FIST school of bike fitting in 2007, returned in 2012,  and became Retul certified in 2016. Notable athletes among my 3000+ fits include uber bike Andrew Yoder, Rev3 Champion Eric Limkemann, dozens of professional triathletes, an NCAA Time Trial champion, Age Group National Champions, and Kona Read more [...]

  • Aerofit

    Address: 101 N Columbia St
    Chapel Hill
    North Carolina
    United States
    Primary Business: Bike Fitting Studio

    At AeroFit we specialize in one thing, the science behind aerodynamic bike optimization. We build our custom analysis around aerodynamic bike fitting, physiological testing, nutrition and a unique fit philosophy. Although most of our clients are triathletes looking to maximize their efficiency while reducing bike times, our methods and programs can be customized Read more [...]

  • Endurance Werx

    Address: 2083 Albany Post Rd
    New York
    United States
    Primary Business: Bike Fitting Studio

    enduranceWERX is a cycling and triathlon coaching company specializing in cycling and bike fitting. we operate from two locations, Westchester and Harlem.  Our 2800 sq/ft facility located in the heart of New York City includes an indoor multirider training studio for indoor training, a bike fit studio offering private attention, Read more [...]

  • ProBike FC

    Address: 116 E Fairfax Street
    Falls Church
    United States
    Primary Business: Bike Fitting Studio

    Pro Bike FC was set up under the principle of making every rider feel they are being listened to. We do not gauge our level of interest in you based on if you are a pro cyclist or novice rider, we just love talking bikes, and we love spending our Read more [...]

  • Burnham Coaching

    Address: 486 Washington St
    United States
    Primary Business: Cycling Coach

    Optimizing your position on your bike not only prevents injuries, but can also drastically increase performance. Utilizing high-speed video analysis and extensive work in bio-mechanics, we have fit over 900 athletes ranging from beginners to professionals and honed our skills to find solutions for your unique fit needs. Everyone deserves Read more [...]

  • Cycling Solutions

    Address: 1215 Briggle Rd
    United States
    Hours: Call for Personal Appointment
    Primary Business: Bike Fitting Studio

    Cycling Solutions is a service oriented business located in Akron, Ohio. With 20+ years experience in the bike industry there is nothing we can’t take care of for you.